Assistant Printing and Graphics Designer


Addis Ababa
Posted 7 months ago

Job Features

Job CategoryIT(Develop/Designer/Security/System/Hardware/Network)
DeadlineJan 10, 2020

General Overview of the job

The role of this job holder is to supervise and technically support the print production and graphic arts.

This jobis a full-time role, and the person in this position will have ownership of the Print Services area. The person in this role demonstrates a passion for the brand, print solutions, and other products offered to the office.

The Assistant Printing and Graphics Designer takes ownership for completing all print orders correctly and within the allotted timeline. Additionally, he/she will perform daily and weekly maintenance of the Print area.

Detail duties and responsibilities:

Print Administration 

  • Plans, layout, and supervises the work of skilled subordinates engaged in the production of a wide variety of printed and graphic arts products.
  • Inspects work in progress and finished materials to see that quality and quantity standards are compiled with.
  • Make changes to pre-developed designed artworks.
  • Ensures printing quality standards are being met by sampling, viewing and checking print jobs are processed.
  • Resolves technical problems such as special ink mixtures and refill.
  • Requisitions materials, inks, and equipment; schedules necessary repair and service of machines.
  • Maintains work flow by monitoring steps of the process; setting processing variables; observing control points and equipment; monitoring personnel and resources; studying methods; implementing cost reductions;
  • Sees that records of cost, production, and time worked are maintained and appropriate records submitted.
  • Controls print productions cost benefits & decrease waste materials and making sure work is finished to deadlines.
  • Supervising orders through the preparation, printing and finishing stages
  • Coordinates jobs with others in the production areas.
  • Completes multiple tasks on multiple printers at the same time to help the workflow process.
  • Keeps the work order system up to date and organized at all times. Maintaining records of jobs printed/ records for reports, tested and checked via logbook and/or computer software.
  • Read work orders to determine instructions and specifications for machine set-up.
  • Place printed items in packaging and check samples of Bulk Pack, Shrink Wrap and Cartons.
  • Insures adequate supplies are available to accomplish various jobs.
  • Responsible for cutting, binding and labeling all simple tasks requested every day.
  • Putting job data into computerized control units and carrying out quality checks during the print run
  • Monitor feeding, printing, and racking processes of machine in order to maintain specified operating levels and to detect malfunctions; make any necessary adjustments.
  • Monitor stocks of materials such as paper, ink, and other in order to maintain supplies during equipment operation.
  • Responsible for to check production quality, equipment condition, and room security.
  • Cleaning machines after a print run has finished.
  • carrying out basic machine maintenance and identifying problems and fixing faults
  • Responsible for assuring the overall quality of the products being shipped and for supervising in-process inspections and verifications
  • Responsible for collecting, placing outsource printed materials.

Graphics Design & Branding

  • Edit templates for marketing materials.


  • Prepare and make a soft copy of pre-developed content & check contents for promotional print materials.
  • Perform other duties assigned by immediate supervisor. 

Employment type:      

  • Permanent

Reports to:

  • Graphics Design Coordinator

Job Requirements

Education and experience

  • University bachelor’s in information technology, Computer science, Software Engineering, or other area relevant to IT based field.
  •  Experience is Not required 


  • IT skills
  • Excellent organizational and problem-solving skills
  • Working knowledge of Adobe InDesign, Photoshop, Illustrator, and Acrobat.
  • Must be quality conscious and good eyesight with attention to detail and color
  • Ability to meet tight deadlines.
  • Ability to make efficient use of resources.
  • Punctuality.

How to Apply

Apply through e- mail:

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