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Posted 7 months ago

Job Features

Job CategoryBusiness(Management/Development/Consultancy/Plan), Project Management(NGO/International Org)
DeadlineJan 12, 2020

Supporting the Development of a Concept Note and Full Proposal for the EUTF Stability and socio-economic development for vulnerable and marginalised communities in the Tigray region of Ethiopia’

TOR  for Supporting the Development of a Concept Note and Full Proposal for the EUTF Project for Trócaire/CST

1.     Brief Overview

The EUTF will launch a call titled “THE EUROPEAN UNION EMERGENCY TRUST FUND FOR STABILITY AND ADDRESSING THE ROOT CAUSES OF IRREGULAR MIGRATION AND DISPLACED PERSONS IN AFRICA”.  The title of the specific action is called “Stability and socio-economic development for vulnerable and marginalized communities in the Tigray region of Ethiopia”. The action includes two components which will be separate grants. This assignment is specific to the second component which consists of the following objective and result:

·         Objective: Improvement of socio-economic opportunities for the most vulnerable and marginalized populations of the Tigray region

·         Expected Result: Improved livelihoods and employment opportunities in targeted areas.

It is expected that the call will be officially launched in the first of week of December 2019, it is also expected that a concept note and full proposal will be due by the first week of January 2020. Therefore, Trócaire/CST is seeking a consultant who can support the development of the concept note and full proposal (including the narrative, budget, logical framework, and work plan) in advance of the deadline.

 2.     Objective

 The objective for the consultancy is as follows:

 I.              Support the development of a concept note and full EU proposal narrative, budget, logical frameworks, work plans, and experience sections.

 3.     Methodology

Trócaire/CST has entered into a partnership with VIS for responding to this call and will be the lead applicant. The consultant will be provided with all the relevant documentation and data that went into supporting the development of the design for the proposed intervention. The consultant will be supported to carry out coordination meetings with Trócaire/CST and consortium members as well as to meet with community members and stakeholders in the field.

While the consultant will be leading on proposal development, she or he will avail of different levels of support throughout the process from the following staff in Trócaire/CST and VIS:

 ·         Trócaire/CST Country Director

·         Trócaire/CST Programme Manager

·         Trócaire/CST– Business Development and Compliance Advisor

·         Trócaire/CST – Women’s Empowerment Programme Coordinator

·         Trócaire/CST – Resilient Communities Programme Coordinator

·         Trócaire/CST– Finance and Admin Manager

·         Trócaire’s HQ-based Technical Advisers

·         VIS Country Director

·         VIS – Finance and Admin Manager

·         VIS – Programme Coordinator

·         VIS – Programme Officer

·         VIS – Grant Manager

All elements of the proposal will have to be developed by the consultant and reviewed by Trócaire/CSTand VIS staff at the country level and at the headquarters level. The consultant will need to factor in time to respond to the comments provided.

Activities envisaged throughout the consultancy are outlined below. This is a tentative list, and activities can be changed depending on the methodology used to carry out the consultancy. The activities will be discussed with the consultant and adjusted taking into account the exact timeframe of the application window which will be determined when the call is officially launched.

Review EU EUTF Guidelines, concept notes, and other relevant documents
Drafting of logical frameworks prior to the consortium meeting
2-day meeting with each proposed project consortium to review/fill gaps in the logic model, activities and to discuss a budget. Request experience sheets from partners.
Finalize draft logical frameworks after partner meetings
Survey/FGD/meetings with target groups, stakeholders, and consortium partners (travel) (for Proposed Project 1)
Agree upon all activities and finalize the framework
Work with Trócaire/CST and consortium partner finance and programmes teams and draft budgets for each proposed project, including 1) budget, 2) justification and 3) expected sources of funding
Drafting narrative sections for the proposal:
Description (13 pages) –
i. State how the action will improve the situation of target groups & final beneficiaries and technical and management capacities of target groups and/or local applicants.
ii. Identify and describe each activity to be undertaken to produce results, justifying the choice of activities and specifying the role of co-applicants
iii. Detail financial support to third parties (if applicable).Co-define main approach and methodologies (5 pages)Co-define indicative action plan (4 pages)Co-definite project sustainability (3 pages)Compile completed experience sheets from consortium partners
Consolidation of full proposals, ensure coherence with budget & logical framework and share with Trócaire/CST and VIS programme team  for review
Processing of Trócaire/CST and VIS programme team’s feedback
Time for internal revision and editing & submission of full proposals by Trócaire/CST and VIS HQ
Review of proposals by Trócaire/CSTHQ
Processing of HQ feedback
Meeting with consortium members to review the finalized full proposal. Signing of co-applicant mandates.
Submit Final Full Proposal to Trócaire/CST and VIS CD, partners and hold a final meeting with all consortium members to discuss the proposal and answer any questions prior to submission.

4.     Working modalities

 In the case of upcountry travel, Trócaire/CST will provide daily per diems to cover food, incidentals and self-accommodation while in the field visits using Trócaire’s/CST’s established rates. Trócaire/CST and/or its implementing partner staff will provide accompaniment to the consultant during field visits, and Trócaire/CST’s Partner will provide transportation for the consultant to field sites and interviews using its office vehicles. Meetings with programme participants, stakeholders, local partners, and consortium partners will be arranged by Trócaire/CST and/or VIS. The consultant is responsible for her/his own travel and medical insurance.

5.     Consultancy Management

Trócaire/CST will carry out overall management of this consultancy.

 6.     Safeguarding

All consultants who work for Trócaire/CST will be required to sign and abide by Trócaire’s official position statement on exploitation and abuse, including zero-tolerance for sexual exploitation and abuse. Trócaire/CSTrecognises that abuse of power has led, and continues to lead, to many forms of exploitation and abuse. The nature of Trócaire’s work creates a power differential between those employed by or working with Trócaire/CSTand programme participants and partners. Trócaire/CSTacknowledges that the potential exists for those who work with programme participants and partners to abuse their position of power. Trócaire’s commitment to safeguarding is inclusive of its staff and all those with whom it comes into contact through its work. 

Job Requirements

7.     Profile of the Consultant

 The consultant should have the following profile:

  • At least a Master’s Degree and more than five years in development /management /economics/ sociology  and  relevant social sciences  and with adequate professional and multidisciplinary specializations, skills and experience on the subject matter (contents of the current EU call )
  • Background in developing successful EU full proposals, particularly in the areas of socio-economic development and peacebuilding
  • Solid understanding and knowledge of gender and women’s empowerment.
  • Solid understanding of peace-buiding and transitional justice processes and methodologies.
  • Skilled in budget and work plan development.
  • Familiarity with the EU as a donor agency.
  • Excellent English reading, writing, analytical and communication skills.
  • Organised, efficient, and capable of meeting tight deadlines.
  • Commitment to safeguarding of programme participants, as demonstrated by signing Trócaire’s Safeguarding Programme Participants Policy.
  • Demonstrated experience in market systems development, value chains, rural livelihoods, job creation schemes, income generation, youth employment and livelihood packages.  The development of a livelihood strategy aims to promote stability and reconciliation under a peace-building framework, will be considered as a relevant added value.
  • Added values: Demonstrated experience in: business development, eco-tourism sector, validation mechanism of formal and non-formal competences, work-based learning schemes/school to work transition schemes.
  • Good understanding of project cycle management
  • Preferable good knowledge of Ethiopian context

How to Apply

The hard copies of the technical and financial proposals together with soft copy with CD are to be submitted in person to: “VIS Finance and Logistics Department, VIS Ethiopia Office in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia located in Meskel Flower area, Enat Bank Building, 4th Floor.” Technical and financial proposals have to be submitted to VIS Ethiopia Office by Wednesday 12th January 2020. The consultant or consultancy firm has to submit the Technical and Financial Proposals in separate sealed envelopes mentioning “Technical Proposal” and “Financial Proposal” on the top of respective envelopes so that the financial information could not be revealed before assessing technical proposals.

Apply Online
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