Term of Reference (TOR) Project Impact Assessment

Mahibere Hiwot for Social Development (MSD)

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Job Features

Job CategoryBusiness(Management/Development/Consultancy/Plan)
DeadlineNov 30 2020

Job Description

Duration: One Month (November 25 – December 25, 2020)

Duty station:  South Wollo Zone , Haik Town and 5 kebeles at Tehuledere Wereda 

Organizational overview

MahibereHiwot for Social Development (MSD) was established in 1999 by few volunteer youth who were concerned and hence aspired to contribute their part in the national effort to combat the spread of the HIV epidemic. It has been registered as a local NGO by the Ministry of Justice followed by re-registration as Ethiopian CSO

Given its beginning, a major focus of MSD’s work has been in HIV prevention, care and support, OVC care and Support, youth sexual and reproductive health, family planning, migration, Trafficking, child protection and environmental protection. The organization also works on assisting hard to reach groups of the community as early married rural girls, PLHA, commercial sex workers, their clients, waitress, long distance truck drivers, potential migrants, returnees from the Middle East, CSOs and the community. At community level, the organization works with community members and community based social service providing institutions, schools, health centers, government line offices and youth centers. Moreover, it has been working on accessing free health service to the hard to reach villages of the Simien Mountains by free standing and mobile medical service.


MSD’s vision is to see youth and children achieve their greatest potential and actively participate in the socio-economic development of the country.


MSD works with stakeholders in identifying needs and providing supports and services to equip youth and children with education, skills and assets to access opportunities and become agents of change within their communities.

Safer Migration Project

MSD has been implementing the ‘’ Safer Migration’’ project since April 2016 with the financial support from the Freedom Fund at some selected kebeles in South wollo zone of Tehuledere Wereda and 5 kebeles of Haik town.  The project has three major outcomes:

Outcome 1: Increased awareness of potential migrants on safer migration and informed decision 

Major activities: 

  • Training and Discussion: Training and discussion with potential migrants and returnees from the middle east
  • Media: weekly radio broadcast  through Dessie Fana FM, Listener groups
  • Psychosocial Support: Psychosocial support to children of migrants, potential migrants and returnees from the middle east

Outcome 2: Improved economic status of target groups (destitute families and returnees) through creating additional income generating alternatives 

Major Activities:

  • Vocational and Business Development Training  to potential  migrants and returnees from the middle east
  • Establishing  Self-Help Groups and support matching fund

Outcome 3: Strengthened local level systems to respond to the promotion of safer migration

  • Capacity building support to  anti-trafficking task force to strengthen their capacity to respond for safer migration
  • Organize experience sharing program to Anti Trafficking Task force members

Objectives of the Assignment

The objective of assigning a consultant is to:

  • Conduct a project impact  assessment by deploying applicable techniques
  • To produce a program brief of 4 pages  ( Summary of the report) from the total assessment report
  • To share the impact assessment report at the project close out workshop 

Duties and Responsibilities of the Individual consultant

  • Review the project proposal of the safer migration project
  • Review the project’s periodic reports
  • Develop the key assessment questions and communicate with the management of the organization
  • Identify the key informants and research participants  in close consultation with the project officer
  • Interview the organization’s staff and other project stakeholders 
  • Organize consultative meeting and validation workshop with staff and other stakeholders
  • Prepare first draft report and submit to the organization
  • Consolidate feedback, refine and submit final report
  • Develop 4 pages summary of the assessment report to be published as program brief

Duties and Responsibilities of Mahibere Hiwot for Social Development

  • Establish and facilitate contact with field staff involved and any external contacts needed;
  • Coordinate with project staff for the field visits to set appointments with key informants
  • Review and approve the work plan, including schedule for conducting the impact assessment, timeframe and approach to be used
  • Provide feedback when and where necessary
  • Meet the relevant costs related to this assessment as agreed in the contract upon approval
  • Review and approve the draft and final document  as stipulated in the deliverables section of contract
  • All boarding, lodging and transportation cost during the field visit will be covered by the consultant  


  • Project impact  assessment full report
  • 4 pages of program brief / summary of the report 

Payment Procedures

The consultant’s payment shall be based on the financial proposal developed for this consultancy. Payment shall be in three installments:

Payment Schedule
30% Upon signing of the agreement 
50% Upon submission of the first draft 
20% Upon submission and approval of the final report

Tentative schedule and duty station

The impact assessment of the Safer Migration project is going to take place from December 1st – 18th, 2020 at the project sites (Haik town and 5 selected Kebeles at Tehuledere). The exact time table for the action shall be proposed by the consultant.

Job Requirement

Qualification and Competencies Required 

  • The potential individual consultant who will fulfill the following criteria can apply for the consultancy services:
  • The applicant should have work experience for a minimum of five years
  • The applicant should have experience in providing advisory/consultancy services across a range of services in the area of impact assessment, baseline survey, evaluation, etc.
  • The individual consultant should submit profile or CV of his/her own and or team members
  • The individual consultant should be well aware of migration context  in south wollo of Amhara region
  • Provide references for his/her experience on the aforementioned experiences 

Technical and Financial Plan

The consultant firm should prepare technical and financial documents which includes the following key components:

  • The consultants’ background
  • Detail consultant’s work experience focusing on migration
  • Detail work plan which shows clear activities and time frame, physical plan, expected output and responsible body with clear description
  • Detail financial plan which describes detail cost breakdown for each activity including all taxes expected from the consultant  ( Don’t forget that 2% withholding will be deducted from licensed  firms as per the income tax proclamation of the country and 30% from individual consultants  if they don’t have licence)
  • Other important contents and documents that the consultant believes to be included in

How to Apply

Submit one original and one copy of the technical document in a sealed envelope and one original and one copy of the financial document in sealed envelopes to MSD’s Dessie office and head office in Addis Ababa.

Technical and Financial proposal must be submitted to the organization office on or before November 30 , 2020 at 5:00 pm


  • Copy of work experience
  • CV and copy of relevant certificates of professionals to be involved in the consultation work 

Physical Address of MSD

Dessie, Near to Salayish Café

Telephone 0913 48 00 50

Addis Ababa

Yeka Sub City, Wereda 8

Kenenisa Avenue, near to Sumaya Mosque around Wegagen Bank

Telephone 0919 84 61 20 

Apply Online
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