Terms Of Reference For Consultant Developing Financial Management Training and Delivering Training

Population Health and Environment – Ethiopia Consortium (PHE EC)

Addis Ababa
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Job Features

Job CategoryAccounting and Finance(Banking/Economics/Grant/Cash/Audit), Business(Management/Development/Consultancy/Plan)
DeadlineNov 27 2020

Job Description


PHE-ETHIOPIA Consortium is established for cross-sectoral integration, support in building the capacity of members and partners and a strategic networking with local and international partners, and. Its role will be to facilitate the scaling up of the networking process as a means for stakeholders to come together, identify priorities, strengthen evidence-based research and strategize on common approaches to attract the attention and the input of the general public, development partners and policymakers for concerted actions to support the sustain able development of the country.


  • The main objectives of the assignment will be developing financial management training materials and then delivering training to its relevant staff. The general objectives of the assignment is  to strengthen the financial management capacity of its staff. The specific objectives include:
  • To enhance the capacity of the staffs in financial management  practices (requirements/conditions, procedures) and deliverables;
  • To improve the knowledge and skills of staff to ensure compliance to all donor’s agreement. Those are  reporting requirements, reporting schedules, templates/tools and, documentations;
  • To enhance the capacity of staff on the Government of Ethiopia (GOE) – Charites and Societies Organization (CSO) requirements including , policy, audit requirements, tax regulations, and other administrative requirements;  
  • To equip staff on how to track performance (financial, compliance……) based on disbursement vs budget (budget utilization)
  • To improve effective and efficient utilization of funds and ensure the funds are utilized as per approved budget and work plan and reports are submitted consistently and timely in a quality manner;


The individual consultant/firm will be handling the following tasks:

  • Conduct desk review to understand PHE Ethiopia  financial management practices,  donors’ requirements and other  specific requirements;
  • Conduct interview with selected staff to understand critical capacity gaps/limitations exist in terms of financial management;  
  • Develop comprehensive financial management training materials
  • Prepare practical hands on exercises and provide the training to the staff . 


  • The consultant shall produce a brief report on the outcome of the desk review and interview processes with way forward recommendations;   
  • The consultant shall produce/develop a comprehensive financial management  training material (content: will be discussed and agreed)
  • The consultant shall facilitate/provide a 2-3 days hands on training to the  staff in a participatory and interactive manner; 
  • The consultant shall produce a brief accomplishment report after the completion of the training 

Job Requirement


The duration of the entire assignment is as follows though the consultant is expected to come up with a realistic plan to meet deadlines mentioned here. The consultant is expected to complete all the tasks (desk review, interview, development of training materials, delivery of trainings, accomplishment report) by latest ______________________________   

Proposed Timeline

  • Desk review of existing materials (policies, procedures, manuals, protocols, tools, etc) – 1day;
  • Interview PHE’s (at least three of them) to understand real capacity limitations/gaps on financial management practices – 1 day;
  • Developing training materials ( presentation slides, group exercises etc) – 3 days;
  • Delivery of hands on training to LIP staff – 2-3 days;
  • Prepare and submit a brief accomplishment report – 1 day;    


Payment will be made to the consultant upon successful completion of the assignment. The payment would be subject to taxation as per the government of Ethiopia’s regulations.

Job Requirement



  • The consultant firm should demonstrate and experience in developing/preparing training materials (handouts/modules) – particularly financial management manuals.  They should also have prior experience performing similar activity;
  • The consultant should demonstrate and experience in delivering capacity building trainings to local civil society organizations (CSOs);  
  •  The consultant or consulting firm should have technical staff with backgrounds including financial management, Grants management, business administration, accounting, and related discipline; 
  •  Proven experience of carrying out such tasks within given time line and report; 

How to Apply


  •  Interested applicants should submit their technical and financial proposals with an application letter, brief CV and relevant credentials.
  • Contents of the technical proposal should include: introduction, contents of the training materials, training schedule, training methodology, profile and experience of the consultant/consulting firm, and CVs of relevant technical team; 
  • The financial proposal should be submitted in a separate sealed envelope and needs to be presented in a tabular format, including detailed presentation of major cost items, unit of measurement, quantity, unit cost, total cost and remarks.
  • Interested applicants should submit their application to PHE Ethiopia on or before on Nov. 27, 2020 5:00 pm;


  • Understanding the scope of work, qualification and experience in training material development – 20%
  • Familiarity and experience of donor’s requirements  and GOE policies relevant to CSOs – 20%
  • Successful experience in delivering a hands-on training to CSOs in similar work – 30%
  •  Financial feasibility – 30%

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