Terms of Reference (TOR) for the Development of a Strategic Plan

Ethiopian National Disability Action Network

Addis Ababa
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Job Features

Job CategoryBusiness(Management/Development/Consultancy/Plan), Social Sciences and Community(Food Security/Livelihoods)
DeadlineJan 23 2021

Job Description

I.Organizational Profile

ENDAN was originally constituted in June 2004, upon the imitation of Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs (MoLSA) and International Labor Organization (ILO), with the name of National Disability Forum. In 2007, the Forum changed its name and became Ethiopian National Disability Action Network (ENDAN) and continued to work in the area.

ENDAN has re-registered and accorded legal personality again with its registry No. 1547 on July 31/2019, as per the new Civil Society Organizations’ proclamation No. 1113/2019,  Currently ENDAN has 26 member Civil Society organizations working in the area of disability and related issues. Membership to ENDAN is open to all civil society organizations whose majority of their beneficiaries are persons with disabilities.

II. Introduction

For over a year now, three disability networks have been co-implementing a collaborative project as a coalition, with a local disability organization as a lead entity. The co-implementing partners (CIPs) are:

Ethiopian National Disability Action Network (ENDAN);

  • Network of Organizations of/for the Visually Impaired and the Blind (NOVIB);  And
  • Federation of Ethiopian Associations of Persons with Disabilities (FEAPD). As a fourth member of the   coalition and lead implementing partner (LIP), Ethiopian Center for Disability and Development (ECDD), has been coordinating the project.
  • “Disability Networks Partnering for an Inclusive Society in Ethiopia” is the title of the collaborative project being jointly implemented by the coalition, with a grant obtained from Civil Society Support Program (CSSP) phase II. The project is centered on the core strategy of citizen-state engagement, and encompasses the major components of capacity building, the promotion of collaborative partnership, and organizing engagement platforms. Bringing on board media institutions and key government executive organs is a chief implementation strategy that the project seeks to adopt.
  • As part of the capacity building component, the development of strategic plans for the disability networks constitutes an important activity cluster in the project. Accordingly, this term of reference (TOR) is intended for issuing a call for consultancy service, and providing a basis and guidance for carrying out a professional undertaking to produce a standard and original strategic plan for ENDAN.

III. Overall and Specific Objectives

As an overall objective, the strategic planning management (SPM) undertaking aims at producing a five-year strategic plan, which maps and directs ENDAN’s journey to the attainment of its vision, based on a critical analysis of current overall global and domestic context, and past achievements and challenges.

  • It is expected that the strategic plan will meet the following specific objectives:
  • Review and analyze, in a comprehensive and objective fashion, relevant global and domestic contexts that are external as well as internal to ENDAN and member organizations.
  • Provide a model strategic plan that ENDAN’s member organizations will adapt to their specific institutional contexts.

IV.  The Scope of the Undertaking

The consultant’s duties and responsibilities, in the course of developing the strategic plan, cover the following, among others:

  • Critically review, analyze and portray ENDAN’s internal and external context, by assessing ENDAN’s previous strategic plan, organizational bylaw, and all disability-relevant government policy and legal frameworks.
  • Thoroughly review and define ENDAN’s vision, mission, mandate etc., in a manner that is contextualized in terms of the present domestic and global environments.
  • Map and analyze ENDAN’s stakeholders in order of their direct and indirect relevance, and the significance of the roles they potentially have.
  • Undertake a situational analysis to define internal and external determining factors of progress to realizing organizational vision and mission.
  • Identify key areas of focus, and frame corresponding strategic objectives and results for the SPM period, by adopting a consultative approach, and an appropriate tool of analysis.
  • Assess the organizational structure, institutional capacity, and the administrative and financial management systems, so that there will be full alignment with the identified key areas of focus, and strategic objective and result frameworks.
  • Put forward a strategy to reach the defined objectives and results.
  • Formulate a result and resource framework for the SPM period.
  • Validate the draft strategic plan at a stakeholders’ workshop, and submit the final SPM document to ENDAN, by incorporating the necessary feedbacks and inputs obtained there from.

V.  Expected Deliverables

  • A five-year (2021-2025) strategic plan, with a result and resource framework, and a monitoring and evaluation (M and E) plan as annexes.
  • Other annexes to be agreed with the consultant, and included in the service contract.

VI.   Methodology

The consultant is required to provide a detailed methodology and approach to be adopted in the entire process of producing the SPM document, in the technical proposal to be submitted as part of the application requirements.

VII. Time Frame

Work on the strategic plan development, including the handover of the final document, is to be undertaken within one month, to be counted from the signing of the consultancy service agreement by both parties.

VIII.  Operational Arrangement

The consultant shall directly report to ENDAN. ENDAN is responsible to facilitate the strategic plan development, by providing access to the necessary reference documents such as the network’s previous strategic plan and related information, by arranging consultations with network members, as well as initiating contacts with relevant stakeholders through formal communications.

Job Requirement

Required Qualifications and Expertise

(A) Academic Credentials

A multi-disciplinary consultancy team whose members possess a minimum of second degree in the area of planning and public policy, development studies, special needs, social work, economics, management, etc.

(B) Professional Experience

Proven and relevant work experience in the area of development planning, policy studies/advice, and particularly civil society-managed interventions focusing on persons with disabilities, women or other vulnerable groups.

(C) Required Skills and Competencies

  • Acceptable oral and written English communication skills.
  • Demonstrable capabilities in development research, programming and project management.

How to Apply

Qualified candidates may apply by submitting the following as per instruction:

  •  A concise and well-presented technical proposal that demonstrates a good understanding of this TOR, accompanied with a standard curriculum vitae (CV).
  •  A separately enclosed financial proposal.
  • Technical proposals must be delivered to ENDAN in soft copies at the organization’s email address. Only hard copies of the financial proposals are to be submitted physically at ENDAN’s office in sealed and stamped envelopes. (Refer to the physical address provided in the TOR for exact location).

Office Phone number:  _______ Mob. +251-929-9297-74 and


Email: endanethiopia@gmail.com,

Location: Addis Ababa, Gullele Sub-City, Wereda 7, in the Compound of Cheshire Clinic House Number New


Both technical and financial proposals must be submitted as indicated above within seven calendar days of the announcement of this bid.

Supporting documents including valid operational license and tax identification and registration certificates must be submitted in hard copy at ENDAN’s office, enclosed with the financial proposals.

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